Here at Higgs Domino, the well-being of our players is paramount. While games can offer enjoyment, for some moderation is important. This page shares guidance for maintaining balance as well as confidential assistance options if needed.

Balanced Play

Experts advise limiting recreational screen time to 2-3 hours daily to avoid potential impacts on physical/mental health or relationships. It’s also good to disconnect completely at least one day per week. Signs of problematic usage include impacts on responsibilities, social life or emotions due only to gaming.

Responsible Habits

To incorporate gaming healthily into life, set firm limits before playing, stay hydrated and take frequent breaks to stretch. Maintain other interests and spending time with loved ones in reality too. Sleep a full 7-9 hours nightly for focus. If unable to maintain these, a gaming detox may help.

Where to Seek Help

If worrying thoughts of not being able to reduce gaming arise, confidential assistance is available. Our support staff can advise initially or refer to specialized clinics and hotlines. Family, friends and doctors can also help with forming an appropriate plan. The goal is regaining overall well-being and life balance.

Be sure to review our Community Guidelines for expectations around healthy gameplay. For any other questions, please contact our support team using the details on the Contact Us page

Frequently Asked Questions

Some potential indicators to be aware of include gaming interfering with other responsibilities and priorities, experiencing strong withdrawal symptoms when trying to reduce playtime, lying about how long gaming sessions last, declining hygiene/health from lack of self-care while playing extensively, and mood swings/irritability when unable to play. However, occasional mild experiences don’t necessarily denote a problem on their own

Start by openly communicating with them non-judgmentally and setting reasonable limits together through a compromise. Things like using a screening timer, keeping devices out of bedrooms, scheduling alternative activities, and checking in regularly can help establish structure. Lead by positive example too in maintaining other interests and responsibilities in your own life. Seeking counseling is also perfectly okay if extra support could help.

Don’t wait to reach out confidentially to qualified helpers. They are there to guide and empower, not judge. Early detection often makes recovery much easier through catching issues before serious consequences. For milder cases, starting lifestyle adjustments with loved ones’ agreement could help get back on track. But it’s always okay to ask for more assistance any time concern persists privately from our support staff.

I hope these FAQs provided additional clarity on healthy gameplay topics. Please let me know if any other questions arise so we can continue improving support here.