Here at Higgs Domino, we aim to cultivate one of the friendliest online gaming spaces around. Thousands of players from all walks of life have come together in our forums, chat channels and across gameplay to share in the joy of friendly competition. However, for this community to thrive, certain guidelines must be followed to ensure everyone feels respected and welcome to participate.

Code of Conduct

Our number one rule is to treat all players, regardless of attributes, with basic human dignity and respect. Derogatory, racist, sexist, toxic or harassing speech of any kind will not be tolerated and risks account penalties up to a permanent ban for repeat offenders. Additionally, impersonating others, spreading misinformation or spamming promotional/commercial content is prohibited. Let’s focus on positivity!

Moderation and Reporting

A team of trained volunteer moderators help uphold our Code of Conduct 24/7 through chat and forum monitoring. Additionally, users can report concerning conduct discreetly using in-game functions. Our dedicated Trust & Safety team reviews all reports promptly and privately to determine the appropriate response if issues are found. Your identity and personal details will remain confidential.

Player Support

Try addressing minor conflicts directly and respectfully first before reporting. If issues persist, moderators are here to help resolve disputes impartially. For personal matters affecting your experience, our Player Support team also offers emotional support resources through email or live chat. Your well-being is important to us.

FAQs and Feedback

As our community evolves, so too do our Guidelines. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions section for additional details or clarification on any policies. Existing players also play a role through providing feedback constructively on forum threads dedicated to proposed new policies or rule changes before implementation. Your diverse perspectives help strengthen our community standards continually.

For more tips on maintaining a balanced lifestyle while gaming, please refer to our Playing Well article. You can also read our Privacy Policy to understand how player data is handled.

We hope these Guidelines help demonstrate our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for all. Please get in touch if anyother part could use elaboration. Have fun and enjoy positive play!